Marhaban Ya Ramadhan!

Allah says in the Qur’an: “O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for the people before you in order for you to gain God-consciousness.” (Al-Baqarah: 183)

The holy month of Ramadhan is approaching. Muslims all over the world should welcome the arrival of Ramadhan with cheer and happiness for it carries blessings, forgiveness and mercy.

Fasting is observed for one month every year. During this fast man abstains from food and water from dawn to sunset in obedience to the command of Allah. This act is performed in order to reduce man’s materialism and increase his spirituality, so that he may be able to lead a truly spiritual life in this world. In the process, he spends more time in the worship of Allah.

Fasting awakens in man the feeling of gratefulness. The temporary deprivation of food and water stresses the importance of these things as divine blessings for him. Then when he partakes of food and water after having experienced hunger and thirst, he can feel how truly precious is the food and water provided to him abundantly by Allah. This experience increases manifold his feelings of gratitude to Allah.

Fasting produces moral discipline within man. By restricting the basic things he desires, he is trained to lead a life of self-restraint and not of permissiveness.

By having a curb put on his various desires for one month at a time, man is trained to lead a life of self-restraint for the whole year, making no attempt to exceed the limits set by Allah.

May Allah (SWT) accept our fasting and all of our good deeds. Wallahu A’lam.

Br. Muhaemin Karim