What makes a good lesson ?

A good lesson is well planned

  • Teacher clearly identifies the purpose of the lesson.

  • Teacher finds out what students already know and builds upon this information.

  • Lesson sequence involves a number of stages and activities, guided by the teacher.

  • Effective questioning is planned by the teacher.

  • Classroom organisation and management of resources has been planned.

  • Teacher decides on how to measure student achievement.

  • Process and product are both planned.

A good lesson is motivating

  • Not too much teacher talking and lecturing.

  • Not too much passive listening by students and chorus answering

  • Activities are motivating, interesting and challenging.

  • Activities promote higher level thinking, problem solving and include open ended tasks.

  • Current events and first hand experiences increase interest and motivation levels.

A good lesson involves active learning

  • Learning by doing - Students are active, doing, involved, participating.

  • Interaction between students - group work, pairs, co-operative working

  • Students are finding out, problem solving
  • Students are the focus of the lesson, not the teacher.
  • The learning process is the focus.

What about lesson plans?

A lesson plan with a PAKEM focus may include:
  • The focus of the teaching and learning in the lesson (the competencies)
  • What is needed to teach the lesson (materials and resources)

  • The sequence of the lesson
  • The process and the product of the lesson; what the students will do and how (process) and how the students will demonstrate their learning (product)