5 Secrets To Making Learning Fun

Most teachers want to incorporate fun into the school day. Some, however, simply don't know where to begin. They have the right attitude, but don't know how to deliver. Students who have fun during class end up learning more because there minds are actively engaged. For teachers with a hard time incorporating fun, here are 5 secrets to making learning fun.

1. Involve Everyone

Some students fall through the cracks because they never speak in class, are never called on, and don't complete their homework. They feel no ownership nor pride for school. This can be easily corrected by simply involving each and every student in class. It is more fun being involved in class than sitting back like a bump on a log. Call on students that don't have their hands raised. Go around the room and have each person read a paragraph out loud from the study material. If students feel invested in schoolwork, they will be more likely to have fun and succeed.

2. Involve the Entire Body

No one likes to sit in class listening to a lecture for an hour. It gets boring and monotonous. To incorporate more fun into learning, try to engage the entire body. Have children move around the room. Play active review games. If you must lecture, have your students take a five minute break to stand up and wiggle their arms and legs. Fun doesn't have to be silly all the time. Simply moving around can make an otherwise boring lecture seem uplifting.

3. Positive Reinforcement

One of the easiest ways to add some fun to your class is to use positive reinforcement. Students not only detest, but also dread classes that make them feel dumb. If your class is made to think they are excelling or performing well, they will be more likely to succeed. You will see smiles on their faces instead of looks of dread. The only way fun can be introduced into the school day is if the children feel comfortable letting loose. Giving positive reinforcement is the way to accomplish that goal.

4. Working in Groups

Group projects are tons of fun for students. It allows them to talk and discuss their answers with peers. If there is a worksheet assignment, for example, let the students work in groups of 3 or 4. Not only will they enjoy the change of pace, but they will also learn from each other. Group learning kills two birds with one stone.

5. School Day Variety

No school day is fun if the routine is the same day in and day out. Change the schedule and add variety to your class. Students love to try new things. Have them complete worksheets one day, and the next day have an outdoor study session. Videos also make for wonderful variety. They allow students to take a break from the traditional school day. There is nothing like a little fun to get a child to learn. Incorporating fun into the school day not only makes you a great teacher, but also encourages knowledge comprehension.