Indonesia, Greenpeace and Carbon Gas Emission

For many years, developed countries like the U.S.A, Britain, Japan, have been blaming deforestation in Indonesia as one of the major cause of the increase of Carbon Gas Emission in the world

Beside that, environmental activists like Greenpeace have also been blaming and successfully forced foreign buyers i.e. Unilever and Nestle, to boycott Indonesia's forest based products.

Basically, I strongly oppose massive deforestation in Indonesia, because many of them were done illegally, causing natural disasters like frequent floods, landslides, and destroying the habitat of endangered species e.g Orangutan, Tigers, in Indonesia. Therefore I agree that such deforestation must be stopped or at least minimized.

However, I do not agree if Indonesia is lamed as a major producer of the world's Carbon Emission. As a matter of fact I strongly believed that those developed countries with their advanced industrial and other activities surely caused much larger Carbon Gas Emission, than deforestation in Indonesia.

Considering the above, I hope that Greenpeace would be fair by also paying more attention on Carbon Gas Emission in those developed countries. Especially that Indonesia has voluntarily promised to reduce 26% Carbon Gas Emission by 2020 and plan to stop new forestry license.