How it effects to make your baby intelligent?

Well, in this modern world, every parent is thinking of the ways to make their children the best among the rest. They always like to explore the entire world just to be able to provide everything to their kids to make them grow wiser and smarter. They believe that educational toys are accurate partners in raising their babies intelligent and smarter. However, these parents always try to grab each and every educational toy for their child that helps them in their learning.

Toy that provides fun as well as educational value are generally more valuable to children and will benefit them better in their long run. There are lots of educational toys available in shopping malls, educational exhibition, and on the internet that helps parents in getting best and enthusiastic education to their wards. Now, the next questions arise in the mind of parents is that? What to choose or what are the best for their child that assists them in exploring their skills and knowledge.

Here are some helpful tips and hints that guide you for getting the best educational toys for your toddler:
Let them puzzle it out – Puzzles are the all time favorites of children, whether they are 2 years old or 13. If your child is 2 years old or below, then alphabet puzzles, colors, shapes and similar related items would be best. Time and audio related puzzles works best for children between the age group of 3 to 5. However, older kids such as-12 years age group child like to prefer puzzles related to space, word forming, math and maps etc.
Arts and Crafts – It develops your child’s creativity by giving them arts and crafts kits and supplies things like drawing, coloring books, clay, colored pencils and pens etc which allows them to use and develop their knowledge, coordination and imagination power
Books – There are several children’s books about reading, science, colors, math, grammar, shapes, are available in the market. This will assure your child in increasing their reading pleasure and fun.

Similarly some other items like CDs and DVDs, blocks games and Board Games are important tools for developing your child’s imagination, allowing him or her to freely build and heap according to his own whims and designs.