Download Gratis Silabus-RPP (SD/MI)

Free Syllabus (Silabus) and Lesson Plans (RPP) for Elementary School (SD) especially for Indonesian teachers, all files are in PDF format which can be open by using some application software, try to install Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader to your computer first, download one of those software from this page, the links is appear on your right side.

Many lessons of syllabus and lesson plan, there are Social Lesson (IPS), Indonesian Lesson, Math Lesson, Science Lesson (IPA) and more wait for the next update.

Is the teacher is not able to write or not write? The answer surely various fad. In reality, however, that very few teachers who write. Isn't to write in the mass media, journals or other, to make a paper submitted in the promotion course, many who can not. Ironically again, to make implementation of the Learning Plan (RPP) are many hands that lift. Conditions like this certainly is concern for us. In fact, teachers have to make the paper - one of the elements of professional development-that would quickly move up. According to the news that I received during the Workshop Teacher Guide KKG SD LPMP in Central Java on 13-16 August 2008 will have new rules about the promotion through the credit number.

And now you can find Free Syllabus and Lesson Plans for Elementary (SD/MI) lists:


KTSP Active English SD 1 | KTSP Active English SD 2 | KTSP Active English SD 3
KTSP Active English SD 4 | KTSP Active English SD 5 | KTSP Active English SD 6

KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 1A | KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 2A | KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 3A

KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 4A |
KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 5A | KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 6A

KTSP Cinta Bahasa 1A | KTSP Cinta Bahasa 2A | KTSP Cinta Bahasa 3A
KTSP Cinta Bahasa 4A | KTSP Cinta Bahasa 5A | KTSP Cinta Bahasa 6A

KTSP Dokumen I SD

KTSP Gemar Berbahasa SD 1 | KTSP Gemar Berbahasa SD 2 | KTSP Gemar Berbahasa SD 3
KTSP Gemar Berbahasa SD 4 | KTSP Gemar Berbahasa SD 5 | KTSP Gemar Berbahasa SD 6

KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 1A | KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 2A | KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 3A
KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 4A | KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 5A | KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 6A

KTSP Jendela IPA SD 1 | KTSP Jendela IPA SD 2 | KTSP Jendela IPA SD 3A
KTSP Jendela IPA SD 4A | KTSP Jendela IPA SD 5A | KTSP Jendela IPA SD 6A

KTSP Kewarganegaraan SD 1 | KTSP Kewarganegaraan SD 2 | KTSP Kewarganegaraan SD 3
KTSP Kewarganegaraan SD 4 |
KTSP Kewarganegaraan SD 5 | KTSP Kewarganegaraan SD 6

KTSP Khazanah Islam SD 1 | KTSP Khazanah Islam SD 2 | KTSP Khazanah Islam SD 3
KTSP Khazanah Islam SD 4 | KTSP Khazanah Islam SD 5 | KTSP Khazanah Islam SD 6

KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 1B | KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 2B | KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 3B
KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 4B | KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 5B | KTSP Cakrawala Sosial SD 6B

KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 1B | KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 2B | KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 3B
KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 4B |
KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 5B | KTSP Gemar Berhitung SD 6B

KTSP Jendela IPA SD 3B | KTSP Jendela IPA SD 4B
KTSP Jendela IPA SD 5B | KTSP Jendela IPA SD 6B

Silabus dan RPP KTSP TEMATIK SD 1A | Silabus dan RPP KTSP TEMATIK SD 2A | Silabus dan RPP KTSP TEMATIK SD 3A